Dressage stallion


The Hannoverian bred and approved Kilian is also approved by the KWPN in 2018 after completing the performancetest with 84.5 points. For canter, rideabiltiy & willingnes Kilian scored an 9, he received an 8.5 for walk and talent as dressagehose and an 8 for trot, elasticity, posture and balance.

Kilian is interesting for Dutch breeding thanks to his great mind, his super hindleg and his pedigree.

Colour: Black

Height: 1.70m

Born: 2015

Studbook: Hannover, KWPN

Stud fee: € 900,- excl. VAT

Extract from the KWPN investigation report

Kilian is a honest, sympathetic and reliable stallion with a superb work-ethic. He super rideable and cooperates with his rider extremely well. His walk is clear, with good towards very good lenght of pace and is shown with great body-use. The trot is of good lenght with lots of carrying ability. His canter is light-footed, uphill, with very good technique and with long strides. Kilian moves very elastic, with great posture and balance. He has a lot of talent as a dressage-horse and gives his rider a great feeling.


In 2020 16 of his 20 registered foals were linear scored by the KWPN-inspectors for the offspring-evaluation. The foals showed lots of elasticity.


Kilian’s sire Sir Donnerhall I produced over 40 progeny competing at Grand Prix-level. That is the reason that the son of Sandro Hit is among the best 15 dressage-sires in the WBFSH-ranking. With more than 100 approved sons the influence of Sir Donnerhall I on the European dressage-breeding increases. His progeny is famous for its minds, rideability and elasticity.

Kilian’s grandsire De Niro is even more known. He was the undisputed number 1 of the world for many years. His daughter Darina brought Kilian and his fulll-sibling Schneefuss, who is approved by the Hannoverian Society. Great-grandsire is the English Thoroughbred Prince Thatch xx, who did a great job in breeding in German breeding, producing 12 offspring at Grand Prix-level.

Breeder: Gattermann, Hamburg
Owner: Theo Driessen, Heelsum

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