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Terms, conditions and prices 2023

Dressage stallions

Glock’s Dream Boy keur € 1.750,-
Dutch Dream € 1.250,-
Ferguson Price on demand (frozen semen)
Imposantos € 1.500,-
Kyton € 1.200,-
Omar Sharif € 1.100,-
Pina Colada € 1.100,-
Pride € 1.200,-
Ravello € 1.100,-
Roman Empire € 1.1§00,-
Va Bene € 1.300 (€ 400 first insemination, € 900 by pregnancy)
Ziyech € 1.000,-
Bon Succes € 1.000,-
Bosco € 450,- (frozen semen)

Jumping stallions

Mr. Cornet de Regor € 1.000,-
Eternal Sunshine € 1.100,-
O’Blue € 1.000,- 
Ibolensky € 1.000,-
Qannando B.&V. € 1.100,-
Legend VDP € 900,-
Nelson van de Kapel € 1.000,-
Ukato keur € 1.250,- (frozen semen)


The stallions mentioned above have a gustatory fee of € 250,-.

Ordering semen of Va Bene at least 24 hours prior to insemination because of shipment from Germany.

Veterinary costs, the sensing and scanning, are at a fixed rate of € 185,- per season, this is excluding extra treatments and excluding VAT.


All stud fees are excl. VAT, excl. veterinary costs and excl. transport costs.

Semen can be ordered until 09.00 hours, by phone as well as by email:

Please call to check receipt in case of no confirmation!

  • Veterinary fees for frozen semen are fixed, this for the first two cycles, for 3rd and following cycles other amounts are charged.

  • For stabling mares for embryo transfer and NOT for insemination, we charge 10 euro per day.

  • Always bring your passport because of the stricter transport rules. Passport must be where the mare is. This will be strictly controlled from 2015, if it is not there, you can receive a high fine at a control. In the event of a fine, this will be passed on to the mare owner.

  • Stabling costs: mare with foal € 9.00 and mare without foal € 7.50.

  • AI at home is possible.

  • Insemination takes place under the conditions of the Bond of Stallion Keepers.

  • Stal Brinkman accepts no liability whatsoever for damage, illness or injury to people, animals, means of transport or otherwise.

  • Mares are inseminated at the expense and risk of the mare owner.

  • If the semen is intended for embryo flushing, this must be stated at the time of the first order.

  • Only certified insemination stations that are members of the Bond of Stallion Keepers are eligible for insemination compensation.

  • All shipping and receiving costs of the semen of all stallions and all SWS stallions are charged to the mare owner.

  • Inseminations with sperm owned by the customer and/or from foreign stallions will be charged commission.

  • For sperm from abroad, the transport costs incurred are charged.

  • In order to qualify for the ‘gust’ regulation, a ‘gust’ declaration must be submitted before 1 October 2021. We invoice when the mare is approximately 6 weeks pregnant. If she is no longer in foal on 1 October and we have received a pregnancy declaration, part of the payment will be refunded to you.

  • Gust fee for own stallions € 250,-. For other stallions this may differ from the stated amount.

  • Embryo transfer, If a mare owner wants to have an embryo transfer done in his mare, it is important to mention this with the first order of the semen. If an embryo is flushed, a charge of € 250,- will be made.

  • The remaining amount of the stud fee will be invoiced in case of a pregnant surrogate mother. If no embryo is flushed, sperm can be ordered again. You will then need to submit a declaration from the vet about the negative flush. When flushing several embryos, an invoice for the stud fee will be sent afterwards, of course only when the surrogate mother has been scanned as pregnant.

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