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Dream Boy offspring score

During the 23rd Westphalian online foal auction, Dream Boy son Deichgraf (d. De Niro x Sir Donnerhall) was sold for an amount of 60,000 euros. This made the colt the most expensive by far. From the first crop of Dream Boy son Dynamic Dream, Dark Dynamic (ds.Captain Collin) raised 40,000 euros.

At the IBOP in Beilen, five-year-old Lafayette (Dream Boy out of Vardina C van Krack C, breeder S. Janssen Daalen from Heteren) of AS Rootveld from Enschede was the best with a total score of 85.5 points. Afterwards she entered in the studbook with a score of 75 points for exterior and 85 for movement and was immediately declared keur.
“This is a charming mare that is very easy to ride. She moves with great ease, elasticity and can extend and collect very well, ”says inspector Marcel Beukers. “Lafayette walks well through the body, has a functional trot that will improve even further as she gets stronger, and she has a very good canter. She goes well uphill in this, she has a very good technique, ease and carrying ability. She moves with good use of the hind leg and we were able to give her a 9 for canter as well as rideability and workability. ”

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