Dressage Stallion


Colour: Dark brown

Height: 1.69m

Born: 2015

Studbook: KWPN, Oldenburger

Stud fee: € 1.000,- excl. VAT

Convincing scores at Subli Cup selections

In 2020 Kyton won, ridden by Bart Veeze, the Subli Cup selections in Emmeloord, Tolbert and Werkendam with scores above 80 percent judges-comments full of praise. Kyton was selected fort he World Championships for Young Dressage horses thanks to this ability to collect, his great mind, his posture and super gaits.

Kyton proved the scores he received in the KWPN performancetest in 2018 with an 9 for rideability and 8’s for walk, trot and canter.  

The report says following:

“Kyton is a honest, reliable stallion with a great attitude and is focussed on his rider. He is super rideable en very willing to work. His walk is clear, active, of good reach and with lots of elasticity. Kyton shows a very good technique in trot, a good reach, with an active and well carrying hindleg. The canter is powerfull, uphilll, carrying with good reach and good technique. Kyton moves with lots of elasticity, good posture and very well balanced.”

As dressagehorse Kytoon has a lot of talent and he gives his riders a great feeling.

Positive offspring reporting

Last year 11 of the 14 born foals of Kyton were linear scored for the offspring-evaluation. The KWPN published a report with following comments

The foals of Kyton are more than sufficient till very well developed. They stand more than sufficient towars well in the rectangular type and show lots of expression. The walk is more than sufficient towards good of reach. In trot the foals show more than sufficient length, lots of elasticity, more than sufficient towards good take-off and good balance. The canter is more than sufficient in length, power, balance and elasticity.


Kyton is the first approved son of Ferguson, who succesfully competes at Prix St George-level. His offspring do extremely well at inspections and shows. In the performancetests his daughters excel with high scores.

Kyton’s keurpreferent dam Wilbria is a correctly built mare who produces five more decorated progeny besides her approved son Kyton. In the performanctetest Wilbria received an 8 for her canter which she for sure inherited from her famous sire Ferro. This Olympic dressage-sire is one of the foundation sires of the modern dressagehorse-breeding and know for his power and posture in motion.   

Greatgrandsire Weyden is not as famous in breeding, but the Hannoverian bred stallion performed even better in sport by winning a silver team and individual bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Grootmother Silbria is half-sibling of Olymbria, the dam of the famous stallion Blue Hors Don Olymbrio.

Kyton’s fifth mother, Elzabria, is full-silbing of the Olympic mare Barbria. This damline is also famous of the Grand Prix horses and approved stallions OO Seven and GLOCK’s Voice.

Breeder: W. Goesten, Berkel-Enschot
Owners: Rom Vermunt, Geesteren & H. en J. Bruinier, Spankeren

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